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Discover how we keep the Net30 Hosting flock safe and secure.

At Net30 Hosting, we employ a range of technologies that help keep our servers exceptionally stable, and our customers’ web sites safe. Surprisingly, many hosts don’t employ similar technology which can often result in their servers experiencing overloads, downtime, or worse – facing critical security problems.

Full Account Isolation

Accounts are isolated with a caged file system that prevents privelege escalation and information disclosure attacks.

Machine Learning Firewall

Multiple firewall layers featuring machine learning and collective intelligence keeps bots and hackers at bay.

Vulnerability & Malware Defense

We automatically patch vulnerabilities in a wide range of web applications and quarantine known malware, keeping your site and visitors safe.

No Noisy

Each customer is allocated it's own resource pool, meaning other users can't cause downtime or slow performance for your web site.